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Cocoa Latte Cafe®

Breastfeeding is the number one feeding choice for infants worldwide. This support group will increase your breastfeeding confidence and provide information, tips, and techniques to help you continue on your breastfeeding journey. 


The Cocoa Latte Cafe® model welcomes any individual who wishes to breastfeed or support someone who is breastfeeding. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts, godparents and anyone in the birthing individual’s village should attend.


The Cafe celebrates all individuals through their successes and challenges. There are no failures in breastfeeding, only failures in the system to provide the support needed for breastfeeding mothers and their families.


The Cocoa Latte Cafe® provides community support through the use of peer counselors, certified lactation counselors, and international board-certified lactation consultants. Support groups are FREE of charge to attending members *space limited*. Book Now

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