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Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)

Perinatal Task Force

Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)

Perinatal Task Force

Helping To Eliminate Disparities That Exist In Maternal Health

The top causes of pregnancy-related death in the U.S. are complications related to cardiovascular diseases and other chronic health conditions like diabetes, infections, hemorrhage, blood clots, and pregnancy-induced blood pressure disorders (like preeclampsia) and heart failure, according to the CDC. The risk for mothers and their babies post-birth also increases during the first year.

There are significant racial disparities in maternal mortality rates in the U.S. Women of color; more specifically black women, in this country are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes, according to the CDC. Though there is no one point that narrows down why this discrepancy exists, experts agree that the problem likely stems, at least in part, from systemic racism.

"The National Perinatal Task Force is a grassroots movement to start and grow Perinatal Safe Spots (PSS) in every ‘Materno-toxic Area’ in the USA, in order to eliminate racial and class disparities in birth outcomes, and to create equity and power in maternal child health care" Jennie Joseph, CPM Commonsense Childbirth

Eliminating disparities that exist in maternal health is crucial to the lives of all mothers and their unborn children.

Our Why

​Existing disparities in the Virginia area are staggering. Women of color are not only at risk for preterm labor and complications, but they are also told that there is no defining factor in how they can prevent this, further diminishing hope for a positive outcome. Urban Baby Beginnings works to diminish these disparities by providing a network of knowledge and support; surrounding families of color with a judgment-free village while collaborating with systems to change policies that affect Virginia's families.

Our How

Families and their communities must arm themselves with the knowledge necessary to help improve outcomes. This includes becoming informed consumers, elevating community issues, supporting families, and being involved in efforts to improve health disparities at a local, state and national level. Urban Baby Beginnings is collaborating with local and state agencies to help improve maternal and child outcomes through innovative solutions and community-led initiatives.

Get Involved

Urban Baby Beginnings is a leading agent of change and through initiatives such as birth and postpartum support for all, support groups and maternal mental health collaborations for women of color, policy change, as well collaborations with communities, we seek to narrow these disparities. Click below for information on local, state, and national rankings and initiatives.

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