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A startling 80% of new mothers experience the “baby blues” characterized by fluctuating moods and crying episodes resolving within 2 weeks. Many moms report being anxious or depressed prior to delivery, further compounding their mental health issues during the postpartum period. A reported 20% will experience a more profound depression and anxiety which may interfere with daily functioning. Urban Baby Beginnings uses a village approach to address common issues surrounding maternal mental health. If you are pregnant or postpartum with a child under the age of one, we welcome you with open arms!

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Sister to Sister Postpartum Support Group

1 in 3 women will experience some form of postpartum stress. Urban Baby Beginnings pregnancy and postpartum support groups are for moms who may be feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or simply wish to be around other moms.

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ReByrth™ Mothering Circle

ReByrth means "starting to flourish" and is the heart of our mothering groups. Each gathering is an opportunity where you can feel safe and supported in each others confidentiality and listening. A place for connection and growth.

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Sister to Sister Postpartum Support Group

Groups are focused on providing support, tools, and information to conquer and get beyond postpartum hurdles. Support groups will focus on various topics including keeping mom and baby healthy, parenting on a budget, breastfeeding support, and relaxation.

Peer Based Support

Peer support has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression by creating a non-judgmental, confidential atmosphere for women to share their common questions, concerns and difficulties.

What to Expect

Sister to Sister peer-based support groups provide answers and guidance to mood disorders occurring during and after pregnancy. Our groups meet monthly to bi-monthly in a comfortable setting. Referrals to clinical based mental health programs are available.


ReByrth™ Mothering Circle

A place where a woman can share about her child but also about her personal journey too. Topics are set and discussed each week including sleep, self-care, relationship changes and more. Each gathering is an opportunity to feel safe and supported in each others confidentiality and listening.

Centering Approach

Moms who attend our ReByrth™ Mothering Group report feeling as if they have an extended family where they can share their successes and challenges in motherhood. “Centering research indicates dramatic improvements in maternal child health outcomes, enhancing the field’s goals for cost savings and better health.” The ReByrth™ Mother Group is an extension of this model, creating space for women of color to gather in a safe space with friends.

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ReByrth™ Mothering Circles meet monthly at our maternal hub located in Richmond, Va. New locations will be coming soon. Please register your attendance as space is limited.

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