Prenatal Yoga

Community-Based Maternal Health

Prenatal Yoga

Community-Based Maternal Health

Supporting, Connecting, & Educating Expectant + New Families In Need

Community Prenatal Yoga

Our mission is to promote a community-based yoga culture that is safe, accessible and equitable for perinatal families. When families are given accessible tools and resources that help them support their goals related to wellness, positive outcomes are recognized. Yoga is a holistic way to address many issues that are traditionally treated only through medical intervention. It is important to recognize that wellness before, during, and after the perinatal period produces positive outcomes for both the birthing individual and baby.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the path to health and wellness during the prenatal and postpartum periods is paved with safe spaces that provide accessible and culturally diverse options to maintain or improve each individual’s health journey.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga has incredible benefits for the birthing individual and their baby, including helping improve sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth, decreasing lower back pain and nausea, and creating a strong bond. These health benefits can last a lifetime.


What Are Prenatal Yoga Popup Clinics?

​At a prenatal yoga clinic and pop up, families will learn about their options for prenatal care, birth, and newborn care while learning new skills to care for themselves and their family. Every participant will walk away with a comfort bag, skills to cope with stress, knowledge of resources, and a community of people that are walking this journey with them.

What Can I Expect During Prenatal Yoga?

You can start yoga at any time and attend as often as you like. Classes are offered weekly. Please show up 15 minutes early to your first class to allow time to meet the teacher and fill out our release form. You can borrow a yoga mat but know that it is communal. We also provide all other props. We do clean our mats and props on a regular basis but also recommend you commit to your own mats and props to allow your practice to be more personal.

Wear comfortable movable clothes, like leggings or shorts and a t-shirt and bare feet.
Your class will be both active and relaxing and a little bit different each day. We balance some consistent practices with variety to keep it fun!

We make every effort to remain authentic and true to the philosophy of yoga meaning that we teach more than just the postures (the asana). We also teach breathing practices (pranayama), meditation techniques (dhyana) and chanting (nada yoga).

Our teachers are all trained and certified and hand-picked for their dedication to their teaching and their own yoga practice on the mat and in their lives.

​We also take pride in our teachers’ special abilities and gifts in working with beginners, the elderly and those with physical limitations. We truly believe that yoga should be available to every body.

If you are showing up with any physical limitations, are pregnant/postpartum or have any doubt about your ability to participate in a particular class, call us at (919) 495-4026 but also speak with your physician or midwife prior to committing to this type of activity.

Which Class Is Right For Me?

If you are brand new to yoga:
* Please refer to our schedule which have stars (*) next to any class which would accomodate you for your introduction to yoga. PLEASE also communicate this and any specific physical or emotional needs to your teacher before class. Also, feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

If you prefer a class designed for deep relaxation, at either level:
– Come to any of the Restorative or Meditation workshops

If you are pregnant or just had a baby:
– Come to the Prenatal or Mommy & Me Yoga classes

If you are injured or struggling with other physical limitations :
– We would appreciate it if you would call us before arriving for class so that we can determine for sure which class might suit you best.

*Information gathered from thespaceabove

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